I’m finally updating!!!  I’m not crazy about technology so I appreciate you’re hanging in here with me as I learn this new process.  I have 4 new prints available. Eagles & flags, Woodland Camo, Flames & Silver Skulls.  I know I’m bound to have some oops on some pages, thanks for helping me find them. I’m having trouble figuring out where to change the drop down box for colors available.  If anyone knows how to work this, please help.

We believe “made in the USA” should mean more than just sewing a label in a headwrap made in another country.  We appreciate employing Americans and supplying a quality product that speaks for itself.  Most of the materials are also manufactured in the USA.

When we started our business www.doo-rags.com back in 1995, they were called skull caps, head wraps and bandannas. When I called around to Harley shops and asked if they wanted to see my doo rag, they said “do what rags”?

Well, they’ll keep the dew off your head, people with cancer have something cooler to wear than a wig, and bikers like to wear them because they’ll stay on your head when riding your motorcycle without a helmet even at 100 MPH!

Ours also come in sizes: large, medium, small because one size doesn’t fit all.

We also have doo-caps (a doo-rag with a bill on it for shade) and lots of other items in our “last chance sale” (coming soon) where you will also find old prints and products on closeout sale.

Still proudly Handmade in the USA by grateful Americans since 1995!