Springsteen Tickets

Bruce Springsteen Tickets for Doo-Rags!?!

I got a call from a gentleman named Wayne Lebeaux just after my birthday in November of 2002.  He explained that “We don’t usually do this, but we REALLY like your Doo-Rags and we were wondering if you would like to exchange concert tickets for some Doo-Rags. This is Bruce Springsteen’s road manager.”  Somehow I managed to answer him and asked how much the tickets would be if I had to pay for them.  I needed to know how many Doo-Rags would give me that honor.  $75 each…at the time I charged $10 per Doo-Rag…2 tickets…$150…15 Doo-Rags…  “Yeah we can work that out.  What is Bruce’s favorite color?”  You’ll never guess, rainbow bright neon colored frogs.

We came in through the back entrance where all the buses were parked.  We were within reach of the curtain to go in and meet him and Tramp told him, “Oh we’ll catch him next time.”  Don’t know why I didn’t just go ahead myself, but such is the story.  They called us again the following year when they knew they would be in North Carolina again.  We had just gotten back from Sturgis and I had too much to do.  I asked if he would treat some of my friends in Wisconsin instead and I sent him another box of doo-rags.  They preferred to wear my product when they road their bikes…who else can say that?


When I moved to Virginia I knew I needed a treat. I found out that he was out in concert without the band and they would be in Norfolk.  The concert was right at my birthday time again.  What an amazing performer, what an honor to supply BBBRRRRUUUUUCE with an American made product.
Need any more Bruce?

Who else has FREE tickets to prove they traded Doo-Rags with Bruce?

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