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A Doo-Rag is a snug fitting headwrap with three ties in the back to secure it.  A Doo-Cap is a Doo-Rag with a bill sewn on to give you some shade.

  • There is terry cloth built into the front band area for absorbency.
  • Available in 3 sizes: large, medium and small.  See Sizing Page to determine your size.
  • They fit just fine with a shell type helmet.

Patches are optional.  If you want a patch, purchase it separately.  You can choose a patch of your choice to add to your product.  In the order notes section, please indicate if you want the patch sewn on your purchase item.

120-Minute Timeout on Cart

Because we have limited stock, we cannot allow items to remain in a cart for too long, before we release the items back for purchase.  This also cancels your order.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  (We are not

Shipping Cost

Buy 1 to 6 items for a flat shipping rate of $7.00, first class mail, with tracking.  Greater than 6 items adds another $7.00 flat shipping rate for a total of $14.00.  We review every order to determine if more or less shipping cost is needed and we bill you for more or refund you. 

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