Our Doo-Masks are custom made in any of our available prints or solids.  For a complete list of our fabrics, click HERE.

  • Doo-Masks are lined with flannel, one of the best breathable fabrics to use.  To learn more about flannel in masks, click HERE.
  • Asthma or COPD? We can make 1 layer of material of your choice and the other plain cotton muslin to make it easier for you to breath. Contact Us
  • Doo-Masks come with two different styles of elastic – behind the ears and around the head.
  • Great if you wear hearing aides or glasses, or just have weird ears and don’t like the feel of the elastic behind them.
  • Replaceable pipe cleaners in nose bridge to custom fit your mask and helps keep glasses from fogging.

    The tissue tip is seconded by Ceri Smith-Jaynes from the Association of Optometrists,  “until it forms a strip and place it along the top edge of the mask before you put it on”. Smith-Jaynes also offered some further advice for helping to prevent fogged-up eyewear, which, she says, “happens when warm breath escapes from the top of the mask and lands on the cooler surface of the lens.”

  • Do not microwave or put in dryer before removing.  Youth sizes are sewn in so the child cannot remove it.  Recommended to hand wash in hot water and air dry after daily use.
  • Keep two in your car where the heat and sun can help to kill the germs on one while you wear the other. The virus hates heat.
  • And they DOO look SNAZZY!

Sizes are 1X Large, Large, Medium, Small and Youth

Not large enough or small enough?  Contact Us and we’ll make a custom size for you.

Or, if you would like us to make you a Doo-Mask that ties around the head (similar to a Doo-Rag), instead of using elastic, Contact Us and we’ll make it for you!

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Additional information

Elastic Style

Loop Around the Head, Loop Behind the Ears

Mask Size

1X Large, Large, Medium, Small, Small-Medium Youth, Medium-Large Youth

Print or Solid

American Flags, American Flags 2, Bats in the Belfry, Betty Boop, Black, Black Stars, Black with Pink Polka Dots, Blue & Green Batik, Blue Bandana, Blue Denim, Blue Diamonds, Blue Stars, Boo-Rags, Bright Pink, Brown Batik, Cardinal Red, Celestial Print, Chili Peppers, Confederate Flag, Eagles and Flags 2, Flames 2, Grasshopper Green, Green Batik, Green Leaves, Jaguar, Legal in all 50 States, Leopard, Light Blue, Light Teal, Money, Motorcycles, Navy Blue, Navy Blue Bandana, Olive Drab, Orange, Pansies on Ivory, Panther, Peach Pansies on Ivory, Pink Bandana, Pink Batik, Pink Bees, Pink Camo, Pink Roses, Purple & Red Batik, Rainbow Butterflies, Real Tree Camo, Red Bandana, Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Silver Skulls, Tan, Tie-Dyed, Tiger, Tiger-Stripped Camo, Twill Tie-Dyed, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corp, U.S. Navy, White, White Flannel, Woodland Camo, Yellow, Yellow Batik 1, Yellow Batik 2

Shipping Cost

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How to pick your Doo-Mask size:

There are six different sizes and two different styles ranging from Youth/Small to 1XLarge to accommodate as many face sizes as possible. Shop kids face masks made with fun, colorful designs. For ages 4 and up, only with adult supervision. To find the right fit, we recommend using a flexible tape measure (or a piece of string).  New adjustable mask coming soon.

Thank you for being kind and keeping your germs to yourself.

1. Choose your elastic style (behind the ear or over the head).

2. Choose a size that is closest to your face measurements by referring to the size chart below. Numbers and ages are approximate.

3. Pick your material.


Cover yourself; fit matters.  It should comfortably fit the bridge of the nose.  The chin doesn’t need to be covered but doing so helps you get a good seal around the mouth. It should fit firmly but be comfy against the skin. It needs to be tight enough to prevent frequent repositioning.

NEW: You can now purchase an adjustable elastic button band/lanyard for your Doo-Mask (Around the Ears Elastic Style ONLY).  Click HERE to see this new band/lanyard.  We are determined to make your mask wearing a more pleasant experience.

For more information on our Doo-Mask rating and use, see Doo-Mask Disclaimer .