Custom Orders

Need color combinations made for your group or club?

We welcome custom orders!  Do you have… kids karate classes… school field trip… church group…  family reunion… family vacation… Keep track of all the kids, cousins and nephews at Disney World by fitting them all with the same bright-colored Doo-Rag.  Plus Doo-Rags keep the sweat out of your eyes.  Employee team-building competitions… summer camp teams… bowling teams… swim teams… volunteering… Doo-Rags fit great under helmets for little league teams…  Doo-Rags are a great prize as well – show you are a winner by wearing your prize.  We can custom paint your Doo-Rag for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – or any other customization.  We can sew any patch we have on any Doo-Rag or Doo-Cap.

For minor customizations, like adding a patch to a Doo-Rag/Doo-Cap or ordering a custom two-tone colored Doo-Rag/Doo-Cap, just include the instructions in the Order Note section on the Checkout Page.

For bigger customizations, submit the CONTACT US form and provide instructions.


The Teamsters Union, Local 443 purchased multiple colors of Doo-Rags, then they silk-screened their logo on them.  We do not silk-screen.  We hand-paint and sew patches onto our Doo-Rags and Doo-Caps.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for?  

You supply the material/patches/special instructions and we’ll make it for you.

Contact Us for further information.