Meet the Team

I’m too busy to write my story between my two passions of providing a quality American product and working the spot of Eden that God has given me (my flower and vegetable gardens).


“Gotta go be a sew-n-sew…”  The Queen of Doo-Rags

Flower and Vegetable Gardens

Meet the Team

This is Wild Bill from Over the Hill.  He heads our shipping department, and is seen here taking packages of Doo-Rags to the post office.  Bill is a retired Air Force Veteran.  He is wearing a Doo-Rag with the Air Force patch – which can be found in the Overstock Sales items.

Bill also volunteers at Arise of Page County Day Shelter where homeless veterans and others can come in and take a shower.  This is a branch of Page One, which offers assistance to those in need, including food, clothing, toys, and household needs.

This is Mary the Web Wench, who built this website from scratch, after the last website stopped working properly.  Since it was Kathleen’s 25th anniversary for, she wanted an updated, funky and fun new look to the website.

Mary is retired from the Intelligence Community, where she was a software engineer for 34 years, specializing in anti-terrorism and financial forensics.  She now builds and maintains websites as a second career.  And yes, that photo is indeed one of those professional glamour shots.  😉