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Nothing is impossible for those who believe. I believe in you.

~ from Kathleen, The Doo-Rag Queen and all of her faithful helpers.

Our mission:  To continue making an American product, working Americans, and giving you quality that speaks for itself. 

For now the mask need has slowed down but I will continue to supply them so doctors, nurses and people who work around pollen can be comfortable and protected.  I like to wear one while I’m mowing the lawn, less sneezing.



I will be on vacation from November 9, 2023 until November 19, 2023.  If you place an order during this time frame, there will be a small delay in creating and shipping your order.  I apologize for any inconvenience!



See more fabrics HERE.

Cold weather is on it’s way!

I have some fun colored fleece fabrics that I can make doo-rags or other products for you. If you’re interested, please contact me directly.

“I always have a special place in my heart to know that I’m supplying someone with cancer a different option to turbans and wigs. My sister is a breast cancer survivor, one of my best friends is also a survivor. My husband, Tramp died of lung cancer. I bet all of us have someone in their life with cancer. My prayers go out to you and I would be honored to supply a free cancer embroidered doo-rag or doo-cap to anyone in need.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing or receiving one of these doo-rags or doo-caps that I have remaining in my LAST CHANCE sales.”  -Kathleen

We believe Made in the USA should mean more than just sewing a label in a headwrap made in another country. I’ve taken the time to look for top quality material. Cotton is my choice because it breaths the best. Most of our material choices are also manufactured in the USA. We hand cut all the products. We appreciate employing Americans and supplying a quality product that speaks for itself.

When we started our business, back in 1995, they were called skull caps, head wraps and bandanas. When I called around to Harley shops and asked if they wanted to see my Doo-Rags, they said “do what rags?”

Well, they’ll keep the dew off your head, people with cancer have something cooler to wear than a wig; and bikers like to wear them because they’ll stay on your head when riding your motorcycle without a helmet even at 100 MPH!  We also have Doo-Caps, a Doo-Rag with a bill on it for shade.

Our doo-rags & caps come in sizes: large, medium, and small because one size doesn’t fit all.

When some customers asked me if I was going to start making masks, I investigated what material works best for masks.  I found out that people needed different fits and so was have masks in sizes also.  1X large, large, medium and small for adults; and two sizes for youth available.  Kids are starting back to school soon.  Make sure you have enough for them.

You can CUSTOM MAKE your own mask.  If you have a hearing aid, wear glasses, have weird ears, don’t like the feel of the elastic, we make what you need. We offer over the ear and over the head styles.  Contact Us.


Meet Some of Our Awesome Customers

My husband loves your doo-rags. Says they are better made than any we’ve ever seen and they fit well too! Let me tell you a funny: we got some from a place one time that actually said “do not wash, will fall apart”! Will definitely be ordering more from you soon. Keep up the great work! The idea of buying from SOMEONE rather than SOMEWHERE makes me smile.

– Debbi and John

Do you have your own fabric that you want us to use to make a Doo-Rag, Doo-Cap or Doo-Mask for you?

Send us your fabric and we’ll make it for you, just like we did for Michael!

Contact us directly by clicking HERE so we can invoice you on a case-by-case basis for the custom work.  We will return any extra fabric.

– Michael, Cardiac Anesthesia, TX

“The Doo-Rags have served me well when I am cycling.  I have 3 from your collection.  They are well made and I like the look. 

I just finished a ride this morning and here is a photo of one of my mountain bikes with the Doo-Rags that I use for riding my bike.  I thought that the Doo-Rags looked better on my bike than me.

The bike in the photo was actually raced for one year on the pro mountain bike circuit prior to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. 

I have been giving people your website when asked about my Doo-Rags. 

I do get compliments every where we ride.” Randy from AL

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