Reach out to everyone God puts in your path and tell them, “God Bless America, pass it on”…maybe something will happen.

~ from Kathleen, The Doo-Rag Queen and all of her faithful helpers.

Our mission:  We are determined to make your mask wearing a more pleasant and fun experience,  while looking SNAZZY at the same time. Thank you for keeping your germs to yourself.

We are now making SNAZZY Doo-Masks lined with flannel to match your Doo-Rag or Doo-Cap!

Flannel is breathable and has a high thread count and is one of the best for protection. Read more…

We believe “Made in the USA” should mean more than just sewing a label in a headwrap made in another country. I’ve taken the time to look for top quality material. Cotton is my choice because it breaths the best. Most of our material choices are also manufactured in the USA. We hand cut all the products. We appreciate employing Americans and supplying a quality product that speaks for itself.

When we started our business, Doo-Rags.com back in 1995, they were called skull caps, head wraps and bandanas. When I called around to Harley shops and asked if they wanted to see my Doo-Rags, they said “do what rags?”

Well, they’ll keep the dew off your head, people with cancer have something cooler to wear than a wig; and bikers like to wear them because they’ll stay on your head when riding your motorcycle without a helmet even at 100 MPH!  We also have Doo-Caps, a Doo-Rag with a bill on it for shade.

Our doo-rags & caps come in sizes: large, medium, and small because one size doesn’t fit all.

When some customers asked me if I was going to start making masks, I investigated what material works best for masks.  I found out that people needed different fits and so was have masks in sizes also.  1xlarge, large, medium and small for adults; and two sizes for youth available.  Kids are starting back to school soon.  Make sure you have enough for them.

You can CUSTOM MAKE your own mask.  If you have a hearing aid, wear glasses, have weird ears, don’t like the feel of the elastic, we make what you need. We offer over the ear and over the head styles.  Contact us.

Local Project Has Started!

Doo-Rags.com has been hired by the Page County Economic Development (through Page One) to make Doo-Masks for local businesses and schools.  That means these Doo-Masks are FREE to local businesses and schools!  We are making masks for students returning to school first – all levels of school, plus the teachers.  Click HERE to read the article in the Page Courier newspaper.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


You asked for new prints and we heard you!  Find our complete list of prints HERE.

Check back soon for more new prints.

“I have been dealing with Doo-Rags.com for over 15 satisfying years and I am a proud owner of over 50 Doo-Rags and most recently 12 protective masks, as a result of the pandemic.  It has certainly been a pleasure as Kathy has always been receptive and helpful.  The quality of the Doo-Rags have really held up over the years and not only keeps my head warm in the Winter, but actually cool in the Spring/Summer months.  I’m also what is known as a “Bucket Head” and this has been no problem in regards to fit.  KUDOS to the Kathleen, The Doo-Rag Queen, and Doo-Rags.com!”  Tom from NJ.

It is with great sorrow that we inform you that Tom, our original Bucket Head, passed away in September 2020. 

Rest In Peace, Tom.